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Shiatsu Practitioner Diploma - Online Course

Get to grips with your well-being and others' in this Online Shiatsu Practioner Diploma. Form of alternative medicine, designed to help reduce stress and relax the body. 12-module course covering all the basics, as well as practical business advice. Modules include Energy Theory, Shiatsu Techniques, and Setting Up a Practice. Please refer to Full Details for complete module list. Online course which can be accessed via laptop, phone or tablet. Work at your own pace, enjoying access for 1 year. Suitable for iOS, Mac OS and Windows 7/8 operating systems. Multiple choice questions at the end of each topic to ensure understanding. Save 91% on an Online Shiatsu Practitioner Diploma, just 19 pounds instead of 2.0 pounds Covering the theory as well as the individual techniques and processes used, today's deal equips you with all the knowledge required to become a Shiatsu Practioner. Broaden your horizons and add another feather to your cap with this Online Shiatsu Practioner Diploma.. Using techniques as wide-ranging as joint manipulation and gentle massages, Shiatsu is an alternative therapy designed to help promote a sense of well-being, calmness and relaxation. This online course harnesses you with theory and practical knowledge, covering everything from how to navigate the skeletal muscles, to how to differentiate between a Yin and Yang person in order to give the appropriate treatments. . While the module itself is comprehensive and thorough, there's no need to worry – with 12 bite-sized, easy-to-digest modules, you can take things at your own pace over the course of an entire year.. Units of Study.. Introduction. The Importance of Touch. Qualities of a Healer. Muscular System. Skeletal System. Energy Theory. Yin and Yang. Five Elements. Shiatsu Diagnosis. The Tsubo. Bo and Yu Points. Shiatsu Techniques. Body Treatments. Treatment Formulations. Setting up a Practice.. Expand your horizons with today's deal and save 91%.. Course log-in details and instructions will be emailed to within 3 working days of redemption. Voucher is valid 1 month from purchase. Course access: 1 year. Compatibility: Windows, Mac, iPhone, iPad and Android. No software included. Course completion certificate included. Browser settings need to be changed when using a Mac, please see FAQ. Free technical support available 24/5 via email, telephone and online chat. Original value validated on 22/08/2017.

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Shiatsu Practitioner Diploma - Online Course - National Deal - Go Groopie Deal